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Benefits of Healing Art

The Mandala Healing Art journey is a unique combination of therapeutic art tools, yoga therapy and mindfulness practices for mind, body and soul, guided by Alisa Poplavskaya.  

It supports your immune system, reduces stress, heals and brings more harmony into your Life. It activates your creativity, connects you with your intuition and becomes your emotional support and compass in life. 


Certificate Program online 2022

Become a Mandala Art Healer.
Therapeutic Mandalas Coaching.

Would you like to learn mandala healing art tools for self-care, healing and inner-balancing? 

During this program you will learn:

 ❍  Mandala Art Therapy Tools for Self-Care, Healing and Self-expression. 

 ❍ Mandala Yoga – Creativity for Chakras Approach. 

 ❍ Mindfulness Coaching Tools 

 ❍ How to guide mindful mandala art healing sessions from A to Z.  

Would You like to dive into the World of Creativity, Intuition and Self-discovery? 

You are welcome to apply for our unique certificate program: Mandala Art Healer Course. 

We will explore Mandala Art Healing through three main approaches:


Art Therapy 

Yoga Therapy 

This holistic approach by Alisa Poplavskaya was created in order to gain a full picture how to guide mindful art healing sessions in order to help people to overcome challenges, heal, gain clarity and connect to their creative power within. 

The Mandala Art Healer Certificate Program consists of three parts: 

I Theory 

II Practice

III Test and 1:1 Coaching 

You will explore profound art healing tools, how to work with emotions, gain knowledge about how to guide mandala art healing  1:1 sessions and mindful group workshops.

Mandala Art Healer Course Live via Zoom.

Certificate is given after the course (PDF). 

*Before you start working with clients please explore 21 days Mandala Self – Discovery Journey. All the details will be provided during  the course. 

Activate your Mandala Art Healer within!

Book your free 20 min session online with Alisa Poplavskaya to gain more clarity about the program. 

Contact us and receive a full program file (PDF) with more details.

Create. Heal. Guide.

creativity and mindfulness

Create & Blossom

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Mindful Group Workshops & Team Events

Workshops for groups online.

Goal: to receive practical tools for inner-balance and resilience.
Every workshop consists of mindfulness exercises and art therapy methods in order to help participants to:
  • Connect meaningfully
  • Find inner balance
  • Improve mental health
  • Activate creativity
  • Find inner power to face change
  • Relax and restore

Each session is tailored to a specific occasion and a group.

Mindfulness and art therapy workshops  for: 

  • Conferences 
  • Team buildings 
  • Group/Team events 
  • Mindful time with friends – gift cards available 

Each session can be tailored to a specific topic and occasion.

Attend an intensive online training and learn holistic art healing techniques for stress release and well-being. 

mandala art and yoga retreat

Mandala Art & Yoga Retreat - online

This Mandala and Yoga Retreat is a meaningful journey for your body, mind and soul.

It consists of: 

  • Introduction circle 
  • Yoga practice (all levels)
  • Relaxing Shavasana with music or tibetan bowls
  • Mandala Art Therapy Journey
  • Mandala interpretation
  • Journaling
  • Sharing circle 

up to 2,5h workshop for up to 8 people,  guided via Zoom 

Topics: Self-love, Gratitude, Stress Release, Anxiety Release, Inner-blossoming, Mindful Journey.

You can book this sessions for your team and your friends. 

For more details, please contact us. 

tibetan mandala course

Tibetan Mandala Course online

Tibetan Lotus Mandala Drawing Course online

Allow Yourself to spend this time in a relaxing atmosphere at home, learn tibetan Lotus mandala drawing Formula and experience  meditative artistic process. 
Create Your Own Sacred Lotus Mandala by using simple art materials.  
You will experience: 
 ❍ Mindfulness Meditation
 ❍ Mandala Thangka symbolism and meaning – Tibetan/Nepali Tradition 
 ❍ Learning Tibetan Thangka drawing technique
 ❍ Mandala painting guidance
 ❍ Q&A, sharing circle 

Live via Zom Platform 

Learn this meditative and sacred tool for Life! 
Join us! 

Alisa Poplavskaya is a founder of the Mandala Compass School, art healer, social psychologist (MA) and yoga teacher.

Alisa lived in Nepal for a year and studied Tibetan Thangka and Mandala Art in a Thangka Painting School in the Himalayas. This year of dedicated study and exploration has given her a profound understanding about the meditative healing arts. Over the years Alisa explored many mandala art healing tools and united them in unique programs: “Mandala Art Healer” and “Creativity for Chakras”.

In her therapeutic work Alisa combines art therapy, psychology, yoga and energy work. Alisa has guided hundreds of people through healing art sessions and at the moment is educating future holistic Art Healers.

Alisa Poplavskaya



"With Alisa's creativity, love and deep connection to the abundant flow of inspiration, she connects everyone working with her to their own stream of boundless creativity. This course helped me to feel deeply nourished and connected to myself." -Tanja, Germany

"Mandala Therapy sessions helped me to find the right focus, make clear decisions and face changes in my life. In all Alisa's workshops I found a lot of peace in me and have a better view of my life after each session. Mandala therapy is a very profound process; it is a piece of your soul. Highly recommended!" - Alana, Germany

"Alisa is the creative giver of this course. Alisa led us into meditation and afterwards explained the spiritual tradition of the Thangka art and guided us through this meditative art process. It was perfect. Filled with gratitude for this blessed part of my journey." - Astrid, Netherlands

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