Art Healing Sessions 1:1 online

Art Healing Sessions meant to connect you to your creativity, intuition and higher consciousness.

It can help to reduce anxiety and gain more clarity and awareness about your life path and situations in it.

Art Healing Sessions can help to let go of fears, guilt and shame. It can help to release emotional blockages and bring more harmony into your Life.

Each session consists of breathing techniques, meditation and healing art tools. The most common art healing tools are: Mandala Art Therapy and NeuroMandala Drawing practices.

It offers you a way to become aware of the now, clarify personal relationships, face transitions,  overcome blockages, deal with past hurts and present difficulties. The goal of this journey is to bring more harmony into your life. 

One session is 90 min.

Please prepare a comfortable meditation space, art materials for drawing/painting and writing. 

Alisa Poplavskaya is guiding 1:1 sessions online.


“I was recommended healing session with Alisa by my friend, because I had no energy and was not emotionally stable. Already during the first session we have found unconscious causes and triggers that lead me to the current difficult emotional state and started one-by-one to release my emotional blocks. After each session I gained so much clarity and felt much lighter and peaceful. My emotional health started to improve and I have started to observe positive changes in my life. My psychological and emotional state are becoming stable and I have started to feel my wholeness again. I am grateful to Alisa for her light and guidance.”

– Olena, Germany

“The combination of art and yoga therapy is a wonderful process to become aware of your body and mind. After every individual session session with Alisa I felt more relaxed, peaceful and empowered. Art healing tools, lead by Alisa, helped me to get to know the different sides of my personality and to accept them. It helped me to become aware of several life situations and gain insights of what I could do next in my life. I highly recommend healing art and yoga sessions with Alisa for clarity, inner-growth and unfolding your potential.”

– Elena, Berlin

“Within just a few sessions Alisa lead me along a path which I could not see clearly for years. Alisa’s unique techniques helped me to release emotional problems and she does it very calmly and with a pure soul. She is fully present during this deep healing process. Stones of anger and confusion that I was gathering for years, and childhood wounds that had a negative impact on my life, were crushed into small peaces and I felt a huge relief. I highly recommend individual sessions with Alisa for emotional-healing and release.”

– Helen, Berlin

“Alisa inspired me to create my beautiful Mandala of Love and helped me to reconnect to my inner self-love and self-trust. I am grateful for this wonderful time of peace, creativity and inner-connection. Highly recommended!”

– Natalie, Berlin

“I am delighted to share the renewed feeling I had right after 1:1 holistic coaching session with Alisa. I appreciated her technique and mindfulness that she invested in helping to heal specific wounds. I strongly recommend her therapy to anyone who is also dealing with a personal crisis. You will find peace after seeing her.”

– Carol, Ecuador

“My mandala healing art sessions with Alisa helped me to choose right decisions; protecting me from miserable changes at work and helping me in my future. My mandala drawing was so clear that I could see the things I had to change. In all the sessions lead by Alisa I found peace within me and had a better view of my life after each session. Mandala Art Therapy is a very profound process and never just drawing a picture. It’s a piece of your soul. Very recommended!”

– Alana, Berlin

” You have the power to create”

Alisa Poplavskaya