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Online Healing Arts Courses

How could you use the skills of a Healer? How could you help others with of self-care, inner-blossoming and healing methods? Come and learn!

The course is open to those who wish to explore and expand their knowledge, using practical healing arts tools for themselves and guiding others on their journey of empowerment. 

Mandala Art Healer

Mandala Art Therapy Workshop, Live

Connect to Your intuition, become aware of your unconscious mind and explore your creativity. Learn these simple and profound instrument for healing and self-expression.

Alisa Poplavskaya is guiding these sessions in person Live via Zoom platform.

You can join us on one of the following dates:

In 2022: 

February 13th, 11:00 – 13:00 CET

March 13th, 11:00 – 13:00 CET


You will experience:

❍ Guided Meditation

❍ Mandala Art Therapy Journey

❍ Q & A, Sharing Circle

Gift Cards are available.

Tap into Your Creativity with Love!

healing art

Mandala Art Healer. Certificate Online Program

Would you like to learn mandala healing art tools for self-care, healing and inner-balancing? 

During this program you will learn:

 ❍  Mandala Art Therapy Tools for Self-Care, Healing and Self-expression. 

 ❍ Mandala Yoga – Creativity for Chakras Approach. 

 ❍ Mindfulness Coaching Tools 

 ❍ How to guide mindful mandala art healing sessions from A to Z.  

Would You like to dive into the World of Creativity, Intuition and Self-discovery? 

You are welcome to apply for our unique certificate program: Mandala Art Healer Course. 

We will explore different Mandala art healing through three main approaches:


Art Therapy 

Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness 

This holistic approach by Alisa Poplavskaya was created in order to gain a full picture how to guide mindful art healing sessions in order to help people to overcome challenges, heal, gain clarity and connect to their creative power within. 

The Mandala Art Healer Certificate Program consists of three parts: 

I Theory 

II Practice

III Test and 1:1 Coaching 

You will explore profound art healing tools, gain knowledge about how to guide mandala art healing session, how to work with emotions, how to guide 1:1 sessions and mindful group workshops.

Mandala Art Healer Live via Zoom.

 Upcoming course in 2022:

 17.02.2022 – 6.03.2022 + 2  sessions/tests – individual approach. 

17.02, Introduction and Theory “Mandala Art Healing: Psychology, Art Therapy, Yoga. Holistic Approach” , 17:00 – 19:30 CET via Zoom. 

18.02,  Anti-stress Mandala Art Healing Tools, 17:00 – 19:30 CET.

19.02, Mandala Art Therapy and Healing Journey + Sharing Circle, 12:00 – 15:00 CET

20.02, Mandala Art Healing Tools: “Compass Mandala” 12:00 – 15:00 CET 

26.02, NeuroMandala, 12:00 – 15:00 CET

27.02, NeuroMandala, 12:00 – 15:00 CET 

5.03, NeuroMandala / Creativity for Chakras, 12:00 – 15:00 CET 

6.03, Creativity for Chakras, Q & A and Sharing Circle. 

+ 2 Tests  sessions online & feedback/coaching, where you guide two Mandala Art Healing Sessions (1:1 or group). After your test sessions you will have 1:1 coaching time with Alisa Poplavskaya. 

Certificate is given after the course. 

*Before you start working with clients please explore 21 days Mandala Self – Discovery Journey. All the details will be provided during  the course. 


Activate your Mandala Art Healer within!

Book your free 20 min session online with Alisa Poplavskaya to gain more clarity about the program. 

Contact us and receive a full program file (PDF) with more details.

Amount of places are limited, please reserve you spot in advance.

art and yoga

Prenatal Yoga and Mandala Art Journey. 
1:1 sessions online 

Explore your creativity, reduce stress and connect to your intuition. 

Each session consists of:

❍ Guided Meditation

❍ Holistic Prenatal Yoga Sessions. Medical Yoga Approach. 

❍ Intuitive Mandala Drawing &  Journaling;

Materials to prepare: yoga mat, pillows, drawing paper, drawing pencils or aquarelle colors, journal and a pen, meditation space, a candle. 

Book your free 15 min info call via: 


healing art School online

Mandala & Tibetan Art Courses

tibetan mandala course

Tibetan Lotus Mandala Art Course

Tibetan Lotus Mandala Drawing Course online via Zoom 

Allow Yourself to spend this time in a relaxing atmosphere at home, learn tibetan Lotus mandala drawing Formula and experience  meditative artistic process.
Create Your Own Sacred Lotus Mandala by using simple art materials.
You will experience:
 ❍ Mindfulness Meditation
 ❍ Mandala Thangka symbolism and meaning – Tibetan/Nepali Tradition
 ❍ Learning Tibetan Thangka drawing technique
 ❍ Mandala painting guidance
 ❍ Q&A, sharing circle
When? You can choose one of the dates bellow:
18.03.2022, 11:00 – 16:00 CET
10.04.2022, 11:00 – 16:00 CET
During this time you will learn how to draw your mandala and will accomplish drawing part. The painting guidance will be explained, so you could to paint it at your convenience.
Investment: € 150 p.p. Early Bird: € 119
Learn this meditative and sacred tool for Life!
Join us!
Sacred Art Journey

1:1 Mandalas for Chakras Course

Explore seven mandala methods for seven main chakras (energy centers ) in your body for awareness, healing and self-discovery. 

The program is available for one to one journey.

7 individual sessions online x 2,5h each session. 

this journey can be transformational on many aspects of your life. 

Book your free 20 min info talk with Alisa to gain more clarity about this unique mindful and creative journey within. 

White Tara

White Tara - Tibetan Formula Head Drawing Workshop online

▽ Tibetan Art “White Tara Drawing Workshop. Sacred Geometry & Meditation”

Create You Own Healing and Liberating White Tara Head Drawing.

∞ ▽ ∞

White Tara – she is a Buddha who in earlier times promised to always be born in the pure form of a female body in order to help living beings reach enlightenment. White Tara is shining white, the nature of light, a glowing beacon of healing, vitality and perfection. The goddess of universal compassion, Tara represents virtuous and enlightened action. It is said that her compassion for living beings is stronger than a mother’s love for her children. She also brings about longevity, protects earthly travel, and guards her followers on their spiritual journey to enlightenment.

Drawing the White Tara its meditation through sacred arts, it calms your mind and connecting you to energy of Love & Compassion within you.
▽ You will experience:
* Cleansing Breath Meditation
* Theory about White Tara Thangka Art
* Learning symbols of White Tara Thangka as a road map
* White Tara Head Drawing  Formula – Tibetan Tradition
* Creative and relaxing atmosphere
* Artistic & healing process: Drawing White Tara Face or full body. 

♡ After the workshop you would be able to draw White Tara Head independently and will take drawing formulas with You.

Allow Yourself to connect to Sacred Arts, learn tibetan sacred geometry technique, experience healing artistic meditative process and connect yourself with the main deity of compassion, long life and love in Buddhism – White Tara.
♡ Gift Card to Your friend is available for purchase. 

” You have the power to create.” Alisa Poplavskaya